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  • Format: Today, web links are the most popular and expedient manner for delivering resume "tapes". However if you'd like to submit a DVD, we will accept it.

  • File length: 15 minutes maximum should be your guideline.

  • In your email to us, include your name, address, telephone number, and email address.

  • Include a rundown of your video contents in your email.

  • Avoid music and countdowns at the beginning of your video.

  • If you do begin with a montage, it should include no more than 3 to 5 short examples of stand-ups and a live shot. Some of these stories should follow.

  • A musical montage is not appropriate.

  • Some of your best work should be at the top of the video.

  • Be objective when choosing your material. Select stories that best represent your talents.

    Remember, just because you broke a story or feel strongly about a particular segment does not mean it is your best work!

  • Customize your video. For example, if you are submitting a video for a position as an anchor/reporter, your anchoring examples should precede your reporting.

  • Anchors - show some personality! Remember that tosses and interaction on set are an important aspect of an anchoring position.

  • Reporters - make sure you are in the stories you submit, especially at the head of your video. We do understand that in some cases an excellent story may not contain a stand-up. However, when submitting a tape, please ensure there is a stand-up in every story unless you are extremely confident that the exception is justified.

  • Include a resume as a MS Word or Text document. Make sure your resume is professional, current, accurate and preferably one page in length.

  • Professional references should be included on a separate page.

  • Please inform us of your specific goals, professionally and geographically.


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